Best Breakfast in White Rock South Surrey

The Oceanside Yacht Club and Townhall Public House South Surrey is one of White Rock South Surrey's best breakfasts

Best Breakfast in White Rock South Surrey

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Breakfast – the most important meal of the day and arguably one of the most delicious! Lucky for us in South Rock there are a handful of amazing breakfast places around town from tried and true old school favourites to some new spots to check out. This list has been compiled after YEARS of market research and testing and we are proud to present to your our list highlighting the restaurants that carry the Best Breakfast in White Rock South Surrey!

Stay tuned for our list of best brunch in White Rock South Surrey which is coming soon!


Five Corners Café 

  • 1173 Johnston Rd. White Rock, BC
  • (604) 531-0353

Best breakfast in south surrey white rock includes 5 Corners Cafe


If it’s good enough for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau it must be outstanding! Serving up classic greasy spoon breakfasts since the 50’s (before White Rock was White Rock!) Five Corners Café serves as one of the threads that connect our community like few other places in town. Every local has a story about Five Corners or is connected to it in someway – you could probably have some pretty entertaining games of “5 degrees of Five corners” 🙂

Aside from serving one of the best breakfasts in White Rock Five Corners Cafe has been the backdrop for quite a few movies and TV shows including Supernatural, Psych and the recent pilot episode of Climax, SK which took over the café in January of 2016! Stop in to Five Corners to say hi to Kathy and Barb!


Holly’s Poultry in Motion

  • 15491 Marine Dr, White Rock, BC
  • (604) 538-8084

Holly's Poultry in Motion is one of White Rock South Surrey's best breakfast restaurants.

4 words = World Famous Raspberry Muffins. Holly is famous for these baked fresh daily muffins which have been one of Poultry in Motion’s staple menu offerings throughout their 28 years of existence. Aside from the muffins Holly’s serves up classic breakfast and brunch items in their cozy location tucked along White Rock’s east beach – yes there’s an amazing view too.

Poultry in Motion fills up fast on the weekends because it is SO good so try to get there early or go during the week and avoid the lineups and take advantage of one the best breakfasts in White Rock South Surrey.


Roadhouse Grille

  • 1781 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V4A 4Z9
  • (604) 531-3167

Best breakfast in south surrey white rock includes the Roadhouse Grille

The Roadhouse Grille on King George Boulevard is a well-known destination for breakfast lovers from across the Lower Mainland. Their menu covers the gauntlet of traditional breakfasts to classic brunch and they never disappoint with their made from scratch cooking (try the Banana Bread its my FAVOURITE!).

Plus, there’s a special treasure room for kids to explore and take home a toy from the treasure chest!


Morrison Café 

  • 12855-16th Avenue Surrey, BC (Ocean Park)
  • (604) 531-3636

Best breakfast in south surrey white rock includes Morrison's Cafe in Ocean Park

Serving up real food made from scratch since 2007 Morrison Café in Ocean Park offers up a darn good breakfast! From traditional favourites “The Merv” to an old English favourite “the Black Watch” which includes black pudding and fried tomatoes – they also have an array of egg’s benedict options from traditional to the Morrison to my fave the salmon egg’s benedict!

Located in the heart of Ocean Park next to Safeway the Morrison Cafe is one of Ocean’s Park community hubs!

The Yucca Tree Cafe

  • 1347 Johnston Rd, White Rock, BC V4B 5A6
  • (604) 536-3703

Best breakfast in south surrey white rock includes the Yucca Tree

Slightly hidden along Johnston Rd in White Rock is the Yucca Tree serving up fantastic breakfasts including their famous Egg Yucca-dict. They make a lot of their food from scratch and really have the community feel locked down with their incredibly friendly staff!


The Wooden Spoon

  • 15171 Russell Ave White Rock, BC
  • (604) 560-6018

Best breakfast in south surrey white rock includes the Wooden Spoon

The Wooden Spoon can really do no wrong. While I think of them more as a brunch place (our Best Brunch in White Rock South Surrey story is coming soon) I feel it would be amiss to not include them on the best breakfast list.

They keep their menu current and let me tell you it is ALL delicious. Bonus for parents they have a  dedicated playroom for kids so parents can relax a little bit while the kids are entertained with toys and tucked away from the rest of the restaurant.


Sunflower Café

  •  12310 Beecher St, Surrey, BC 
  •  (604) 541-8511

Best breakfast in south surrey white rock includes the Sunflower Cafe in Crescent Beach

Head down to Crescent Beach and you can’t go wrong with breakfast from the Sunflower Café a Crescent Beach institution for almost 20 years serving up breakfasts with ingredients that whenever possible are local, organic, fair trade and free range.

Sunflower Café is SO good that 10 NHL teams are served Sunflower café food on their flights out of Vancouver including our very own Vancouver Canucks! If you want to eat like a Canuck then be sure to order the Sheperd’s Pie or a Power Sphere aka a Power Puck as the NHL’ers like to call it as it is one of their favourite treats!

Sunflower is also famous for their muffins and scones so even if you’re heading down for a beach day pop in and grab something to go!


The Oceanside Yacht Club / Townhall South Surrey

  • Oceanside: 14995 Marine Dr, White Rock, BC
  • (604) 385-0672
  • Townhall: 3140 King George Highway Surrey, BC
  • (604) 385-1191

The Oceanside Yacht Club and Townhall Public House South Surrey is one of White Rock South Surrey's best breakfasts

If price is a key decider for you on where to go for breakfast then be sure to check out the Oceanside Yacht Club and sister establishment Townhall Public House who both offer a weekend breakfast for $5 which includes 2 eggs, bacon or sausage, toast and Yukon Gold potatoes. At that price point and with a $4 Caesar on the side there’s really nothing to complain about it – except maybe the hangover from the night before….


We’d love to know what YOUR favourite place for breakfast in South Surrey White Rock is! Tag us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter with #ExperienceSouthRock.


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