The South Rock Dirt

South Rock Dirt - puppy in garden

The South Rock Dirt

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In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.   
~ Margaret Atwood

Isn’t it the best smell there is? Covered in our beautiful, rich, South Rock dirt? Planting seeds in blind anticipation that something will eventually happen within it? Hoping and wishing that something will eventually grow? Oh, and it is not you who is solely responsible for the sun, the warmth, the water, the food; you are merely the caretaker attempting to orchestrate all these on a semi-routine basis. Even with the most clinical conditions in place, there is still chance left to genetics, weather or the condition of the soil.

This weekend many local gardeners will be planning, adjusting, planting, rowing, and hoeing. The sunshine of the past week has lulled us all into a space where everything is coming up wild red roses. As West Coast Gardens is often reminding us, ‘do not put anything into the ground until the average air temperature is 10 degrees Celsius’. Of course, this did not stop me from planting half of my garden in seed last weekend. The seemingly hot average daytime temps (20 C) of our Planting Zone 8 convinced me that night-time temps simply do not matter. Yes, a hopeless optimist who may not bear the fruits of her labour! Such a price to pay for being outside in her garden!

If you are in the same sort of planting frenzy, there are many things going on this weekend, including Darts Hill, Garden Park Open House and Plant Sale, Ocean Park Orchard’s, Plant a Pot! Compost A Lot, or maybe West Coast Garden’s, Attracting Birds, Bees, and Butterflies to Your Garden .

West Coast Gardens

Zone 8 is a great zone as far as Canada is concerned and in the South Surrey – White Rock area we have so many good choices where to buy our garden wares or just to get ideas:

  1. West Coast Gardens –
  2. Art Knapp’s  –
  3. South Surrey Potter’s –
  4. Selections Nursery –
  5. Peace Arch Nurseries –
  6. Tri-Star Nurseries –
  7. Cloverdale Nursery –

Now, go, get out there and get dirty! Happy planting and may you find growth where you least expect it. Remember to experiment wildly and be pleasantly amazed when our caretaking abilities produce the first sprouts.

My south rock garden
My Garden
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