Battle of White Rock’s Best Fish And Chips

A sneak peak of the best fish and chips in town

Battle of White Rock’s Best Fish And Chips


Fish and chips is the official meal of the summer, or at least it should be in White Rock. Whether it’s the huge stretch of saltwater beaches, the famous pier, or the beautiful oceanfront views that bring you here every summer, most agree that the intoxicating smell of deliciously fried fish draws thousands to the best fish and chips restaurants that adorn the boardwalk and beyond. It’s only fitting to eat fish and chips when you’re right by the ocean anyway!

If you ask anybody about the best fish and chips restaurant in town, most have their own personal biases. That’s why we’ve broken down what each of the three best fish and chips restaurants have to offer. So, the next time you’re in town, you can decide what matters to you most in a good old-fashioned plate of fish and chips.

With Victoria Day just on the horizon, it’s time for a battle between three of the best fish and chips spots in White Rock!

Moby Dick Restaurant

A spread of Moby Dick’s best fish and chips plates, tartar sauce, and calamari
Moby Dick’s fish & chips and calamari (ko_ivy/Instagram)

The number one ranked fish and chips restaurant on TripAdvisor, Moby Dick Restaurant has been serving up world-class fish and chips and oceanfront views since 1975. They pride themselves on the freshness of their cod, their beautifully crisp hand-cut potatoes, and the wide variety of menu options. The restaurant showcases what it means to be a local food icon. They’ve won the NOW newspaper’s People’s Choice for Best Fish and Chips in the Surrey region for over 13 years.

Many note their ability to create a beautifully crunchy and flavourful battered crust that encases the still tender and flaky white fish. Generous portions are served, accompanied by some of the friendliest servers you’ll see. The biggest problem with Moby Dick is getting in, lines can span hours during peak summer days. However, this is a testament to what Moby Dick has been able to accomplish through their famous fish and chips on the White Rock beachfront.

Visit Moby Dick Restaurant if you’re looking for:

  • The most popular fish and chips in White Rock
  • An extremely flavourful piece of fish
  • Quick, friendly service
  • Great views of the ocean and promenade
  • A wide variety of food beyond fish and chips

Address: 15479 Marine Dr, White Rock, BC

Fishboat Restaurant

A big boat order of Fishboat’s best fish and chips
A boat order of Fishboat’s fish and chips (onlymekimberly/Instagram)

Fishboat consistently holds the highest average rating on TripAdvisor of the major fish and chips spots on the White Rock promenade, and for good reason. Fishboat boasts an English-style fish and chips plate that even impresses tourists from the United Kingdom. Their sustainably caught Ocean Wise fish, which are lightly battered and fried with care, pack a delicate, but addicting bite that hooks you on your first try without that greasy feeling.

Hosting a beachfront location, Fishboat provides great views of the East Beach and beyond. Like Moby Dick, they are famed for their great service. You may even catch the restaurant’s owner visiting your table for a chat. The restaurant’s notably cozy and comfortable ambiance adds to the whole fish and chips experience. Fishboat excels at providing a relaxing and welcoming environment for you to enjoy an amazing plate of fish and chips, and to wind down after a long day at the beach.

Visit Fishboat Restaurant if you’re looking for:

  • The best representation of English fish and chips
  • A delicately fried fish that doesn’t leave you with a greasy feeling
  • Sustainably sourced fish
  • Extremely welcoming and friendly staff
  • A cozy and comfortable ambiance

Address: 15513 Marine Dr, White Rock, BC

Coney Island Seafood

A two-piece order of Coney Island Seafood’s fish and chips to-go
Two-piece order of Coney Island Seafood’s fish and chips to-go (sweet2melanie/Instagram)

Don’t let the name fool you, this is not New York’s, but one of White Rock’s best fish and chips establishments. What brings thousands to Coney Island Seafood every year is their unique, extremely crispy and non-greasy battered fish that comes in very generous portions. Many find that Coney Island Seafood’s tartar sauce ranks on top, providing a perfect balance of creamy and citrus flavours to accompany your fish.

At first glance, Coney Island Seafood may look like an older establishment, but never judge a book by its cover. The restaurant offers a comfortable dining experience with great views of the east beach and promenade. Although not one of the more famous fish and chips restaurants on the waterfront of the East Beach, Coney Island Seafood has held down their spot on this list as among the best primarily through the quality and care that they put into their fish and chips.

Visit Coney Island Seafood if you’re looking for:

  • An extremely crisp batter
  • Arguably the best tartar sauce in town
  • Very large pieces of cod and halibut
  • Great value
  • No compromise gluten-free options

Address: 15487 Marine Dr, White Rock, BC

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