Choosing The Right White Rock Sea Tour For You

White Rock Sea Tours Whale Watching

Choosing The Right White Rock Sea Tour For You

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Summer is nearly here, and with it comes highs above 21°, longer days, and the possibility for endless adventure. In White Rock, a place literally named after a beachside geological feature, missing out on aquatic activities isn’t an option. Fortunately, White Rock borders Semiahmoo Bay, providing excellent opportunities for ocean cruising. Heading out on the water with White Rock Sea Tours is a perfect way to start your summer journey! Check out our Whale Watching Contest for a chance to win 2 tickets to the biggest attraction in town.

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Whale Watching Adventure

One of the most popular expeditions takes you through the San Juan and Gulf Islands. There, you’ll observe whales, porpoises, sea lions and other wildlife on a three to five-hour journey you’ll never forget. You also travel to secluded islands along the way, like Poet’s Cove and Port Browning. It’s a perfect opportunity to witness the beauty of nature through viewing wildlife like killer and humpback whales while appreciating the diversity of BC’s coastal environment. It’s also a perfect time to take some photos sure to impress and become great additions to your collection.

Whale Watching Sea Tours


Harbour Cruise

If you’re in the mood for a shorter jaunt, there are other opportunities to explore the bay. There are other options that still provide for the exploration of the harbour and the enjoyment of the marine life. You also have an opportunity to pass the historic cannery in Drayton Harbour and travel near the border between Canada and the US.

White Rock Habour Cruise - Whale watching


Sunset Cruise

Do you have something a little more romantic in mind? Well, they have you covered! A 30-minute cruise can take you out to enjoy spectacular sunsets with a backdrop of White Rock’s beautiful beaches. Sunsets provide great photo opportunities and a short evening cruise is a great start for couples or friends hoping to have an unforgettable night.

White Rock Sea Tours Sunset View
Catch some amazing sunset views

Whether you’re a sea-loving sailor who wants to traverse the waters of Semiahmoo Bay or a land-loving city person, White Rock Sea Tours can provide an experience that suits your interests. All pricing and booking information on the White Rock Sea Tours can be found here. Happy cruising!

After your time on the water, you may want to check out the Fish and Chips options along White Rock’s promenade. If so, please see our feature on the Battle of White Rock’s Best Fish and Chips.


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