11 Cheap Eats Under $11 You Must Try in White Rock & South Surrey

11 Cheap Eats Under $11 You Must Try in White Rock & South Surrey

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Sometimes you just want to have a bite out without worrying about your wallet’s well being. While there are so many amazing places to dine out in White Rock and South Surrey, sometimes the options can add up to a pretty penny. However, you may want to know that there are plenty of affordable and equally delicious options that are available around town. We want to help you discover the best cheap eats, so that’s why we’ve compiled 11 of the greatest breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert options under $11 in White Rock and South Surrey.

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These are 11 cheap eats under $11 you must try in White Rock and South Surrey for any time of the day.


Biscuit-Style Cinnamon Bun at the Modern General Store Inc. – $4.00

The Modern General Store, Inc.

Cinnamon buns, the warm, gooey, and all around satisfying package of sugar and love you sometimes need in the morning. Naturally, the Modern General Store Inc. has taken this already amazing roll and has elevated it. By fusing a cinnamon bun with a biscuit, the Old Fashioned Cinnamon Bun is born. At only $4.00, this is a one-of-a-kind creation is something you cannot miss out on.

Address148-3388 Rosemary Heights Crescent, Surrey, BC

Daily 2-Egg Omelette at Watt’s On East Beach – $6.95

Watt’s On East Beach

Following major renovations, a new liquor license, and the installation of a fantastic beach-view patio, Watt’s On East Beach is shaping up to be the go-to spot for breakfast. That being said, their daily two egg omelette is already a favourite with their dedicated customers. For only $6.95, you can enjoy a new delicious omelette every day served with toast. Our pick is their ham, cheddar, tomato, and red onion, so keep an eye out for the next time they serve it!

Address15611 Marine Drive White Rock, BC

The Traditional at Rosie’s Country Cafe – $9.95

Rosie’s Country Cafe

Two eggs, four bacon slices (or four sausages), home fries, and two pancakes or two slices of toast for under $10? Count us in! Tucked away off King George Boulevard, Rosie’s Country Cafe is often overlooked, but shouldn’t be counted out. For only an extra dollar, you can also add on another slice of ham if you’re feeling really hungry. Rosie’s is the spot for the quintessential stick-to-your ribs big breakfast.

Address: #8, 3033 King George Blvd Surrey, BC


Curry Patties at PG’s Jamaican Takeout – $2.85

PG’s Jamaican Takeout

At only $2.85 each, you can grab three Jamaican-style curry patties for under $10 from PG’s Jamaican Takeout for the ultimate lunchtime flavour-trip to the Caribbean. These pockets of spicy goodness will be sure to have you hooked from the first bite. Beyond the patties, this local favourite is one of the Greater Vancouver area’s only spots for authentic Jamaican food, and they do it amazingly. Don’t pass up on a trip to PG’s, you’ll definitely wish you discovered Jamaican food earlier.

Address: 1387 Johnston Rd White Rock, BC

Falafel Donair Wrap at Kababji Grill – $6.99

Kababji’s Grill

Conveniently located within The Shops at Morgan Crossing, Kababji Grill knows how to cook up some great Lebanese food. A must-try is their deliciously crispy falafel, which you can get wrapped up in a saucy, fluffy pita shell for only $6.99. For only $4 extra, you can combo up to add a side of rice, fries, or salad with a drink!

Address: 15775 Croydon Dr #106 Surrey, BC

1 Piece Fish & Chips at Fishboat Restaurant – $10.95

A sneak peak of the best fish and chips in town
(@melaniesong/ Instagram)

We bet you didn’t know you could get a plate of authentic English-style fish and chips for just under $11! Fishboat boasts an English-style fish and chips plate that even impresses tourists from the United Kingdom. Their sustainably caught Ocean Wise fish, which are lightly battered and fried with care, pack a delicate, but addicting bite that hooks you on your first try without that greasy feeling. If you’re on the White Rock promenade, this restaurant can’t be one that you miss.

Address15513 Marine Dr White Rock, BC


12″ Thin Crust Cheese Pizza at Emilio Finatti Sicilian Pizzeria – $8.00

(Grace R. / Yelp)

Sitting in the Five Corners area of White Rock, Emilio Finatti is a hidden gem for delicious Sicilian-style pizza. One of the most satisfying comfort foods after a long day of work or school, you can grab a whole 12″ cheese pie for only $8.00. Their deliciously crunchy, almost smoky thin crust is the perfect compliment to their sweet tangy red sauce and stringy mozzarella cheese. This is a pizza that packs a powerful bang for your buck.

Address: #5-15223 Pacific Ave White Rock, BC

Grilled Lemongrass Chicken Vermicelli at Five Corners Vietnamese Restaurant – $9.50

(mynextmeal/ Instagram)

For just shy of $10, Five Corners Vietnamese Restaurant will serve you up a delicious Vietnamese classic, their Grilled Lemongrass Chicken on Vermicelli. Vermicelli is a form of thin rice noodle, which acts as the perfect contrast to the sweet and smoky flavours of their lemongrass marinated chicken. Fresh veggies provide a contrast to cut through the richness of the meat, completing the whole package. If you haven’t tried lemongrass chicken before, Five Corners is the way to go for an affordable price.

Address: 15182 Buena Vista Ave White Rock, BC

Tinga Chicken Enchiladas at Ay Chihuahua – $10.50

Ay Chihuahua Mexican Food

Located on historic Johnson Road, you can have yourself a generous serving of Ay Chihuahua’s Tinga Chicken Enchiladas for only $10.50. Alongside the enchiladas is a heaping portion of Mexican rice and refried beans, guaranteed to fill you up. If you’re in the mood for some Mexican food without breaking the bank and supporting local business, this is exactly the spot for you.

Address: 1726 152 St Surrey, British Columbia


Wafforeo at The Wafflers – $8.90

The Wafflers

The Wafforeo at The Wafflers is a heavenly combination of the world’s greatest sweet treats. A crunchy, golden-brown Belgian waffle sprinkled with powdered sugar, topped with both whipped cream and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, drizzled with caramel sauce, covered with Oreo cookie crumble, AND topped with a full Oreo cookie can be yours for just $8.90. This is a great dessert to share, and is a must try for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Address: 14909 Marine Dr, Unit #102 White Rock, BC

Gourmet Ice Cream Litre at Crazy Cows – $10.95

Crazy Cows Ice Cream

That’s right, a full litre of some of the best handmade gourmet ice cream on the beach for just shy of $11. Crazy Cows is a local gem that hosts some of the most creative and delicious ice cream and sorbetto creations. Flavours have included Earl Grey Dark Chocolate, Strawberry Basil, White Chocolate Raspberry, and even Blue Cheese! Don’t forget to also grab a macaron and/or other goodies that they have freshly baked in store.

Address: 14971 Marine Dr White Rock, BC 


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