Dog Days in South Surrey & White Rock

Tin Tin in Dogwood Park

Dog Days in South Surrey & White Rock

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Officially, it’s still a little early in the summer season for the “dog days.” (See the end of this story for trivia on the origin of the phrase.) However, this Friday, June 22 is “Take Your Dog to Work Day” and this provides us with the opportunity to discuss a favourite topic: DOGGOS!

Of course, if you consider bringing your dog to work on Friday, we recommend that you check with your employer first! Out of respect, colleagues should be notified in case of allergies. Also, co-workers may have a potential fear of dogs and that should be acknowledged. Yes, even your well-behaved and perfectly harmless furry family member could instill fear in folks who may have had negative encounters in the past.

At Experience South Rock we are fortunate to work in an environment where every day can be Take Your Dog to Work DayCommunity CoWorking, where we have our office and share space with other co-workers, is an official dog-friendly workspace.  We couldn’t be more appreciative of our fellow colleagues when they bring in a dog to spend the day as a Director of Smiles and Chief Morale Officer!

dog days Pi at work
Pi at Community CoWorking

Once the workday is over, all good dogs deserve to get out for a walk and a place to play. So, even if your dog can’t go to work with you on Friday, you can celebrate the day by taking yours to one of the dog-friendly spaces in our list below.


Dog-Friendly Parks in South Surrey

In South Surrey, all Surrey parks permit licensed dogs on a leash to accompany their people in the parks.  However, the following parks have off-leash areas where supervised pups can run free and interact with other dogs. True to the inclusive nature of the South Surrey community, dogs of all sizes are permitted in the following parks:

Blackie Spit Park and Beach area

3136 McBride Avenue, Surrey, BC

  • Blackie Spit Park is located in the Crescent Beach neighbourhood of South Surrey. Access is east of the main parking lot at McBride Ave and Wickson Road, next to the tennis courts.
  • Blackie Spit’s fully fenced dog off-leash area features mixed terrain of grass, gravel, and sand. There’s also a covered area for rainy days when your canine companion still needs a run and you don’t want to get wet.

Blackie Spit Beach

  • If you have a water-loving dog, you’ll find the Blackie Spit off-leash beach further to the north of the primary dog off-leash area. Remember to keep your dog on-leash when travelling to the beach area, even if you are coming from the main off-leash park.
  • This fully fenced in area has both a shoreline and a swimming area for dogs, so they can have the full beach experience! The City of Surrey has a map of the Dog Off Leash Area & Swimming Beach to help you find the way.

Dogs are not allowed, even on-leash, on South Surrey beaches between May 15 and September 15. The exception to this is the off-leash area and beach at Blackie Spit at Crescent Beach.

Dogwood Park

13485 – 20 Avenue, Surrey BC

  • Dogwood Park is located in the Ocean Park neighbourhood of South Surrey.  You and your pup can access Dogwood Park’s off-leash area off of 20th Avenue near 134th Street.
  • The dog off-leash area features trails in the forested area to the north and also has an open fenced area.

Wills Brook Park

2955 160 St, Surrey

  • Wills Brook Park is a new park and is located in the northern Grandview Heights neighbourhood of South Surrey. Access to the park is from 160 Street, as well as from Mountain View Drive via the forest trail.
  • Within the park, you and your dog can enjoy the 0.5 Ha (1.2 acre) off-leash area.
Will Brooks dog Park
Will Brooks Park


Dog-Friendly Parks in White Rock

The City of White Rock has more restrictive dog policies in their parks. Many city parks allow pups to accompany their people if kept on a leash, and dog restricted areas are clearly marked.  Unfortunately, your furry friend is not allowed on White Rock’s Promenade or the Pier and none of the City of White Rock beaches permit dogs off leash. However, leashed dogs are allowed on the waterfront area between Marine Drive to the north, Bay Street to the east, and High Street to the west all year round!

Lief and Maya at White Rock Beach
(@adventuresofleifandmaya / Instagram)

Ruth Johnson Park

14600 North Bluff Road (adjacent to Centennial Park)

  • Ruth Johnson Park is adjacent to Centennial Park, off North Bluff Road in White Rock. The off-leash area access is between the Mel Edwards building and the playground.
  • The off-leash area has plenty of mature trees and provides shade on hot summer days for your pup to run in.


If you can, bring your dog to work on Friday and brighten your workspace with canine conviviality. Alternatively or additionally, get out and enjoy the beautiful weather in one of White Rock’s or South Surrey’s dog-friendly outdoor spaces. As we head into the true dog days of summer, nothing beats a run on the beach or a snooze in the shade of a park.  Finally, the Dog Days of Summer are when Sirius, the Dog Star, rises at the same time as the sun, often reckoned from July 3 to August 11.  Enjoy!


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