Best Kid-Approved Restaurants in White Rock / South Surrey

Best Kid-Approved Restaurants in White Rock / South Surrey

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As important as good food and a sophisticated ambiance are when we’re talking about restaurants, kid-approved restaurants have totally different criteria. Because kids, right?! From fun décor, activities to do before/after you eat, or menus carefully crafted for kids’ tastes, there’s so much that come together to certify a restaurant or café as kid-approved or family friendly.

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So next time you go out to eat with the kids, skip the headache and ship the fun. Visit one of the following restaurants and we’re sure that the kids will beg you to come back!

These are the best kid-approved restaurants in White Rock / South Surrey.

The Wooden Spoon Co.

Courtesy: White Rock Sun

The Wooden Spoon Co. is the first restaurant that comes to mind when we think of kid-friendly. Boasting an exclusive kids’ play area, this is the perfect place to keep your kids busy before your food is ready. However, the play area isn’t the only thing that makes the Wooden Spoon perfect for kids. Their exclusive kids’ menu is one of the most extensive in the area. From the signature Little Spoon burger to breakfast classics like chocolate chip pancakes, kids will surely find something they’ll like from the menu.

Address: 15171 Russell Ave, White Rock, BC

The Roadhouse Grille

Lisa K. K. / Google Reviews

Featuring some of the most exciting retro props and the largest kids’ menu of our featured restaurants, the Roadhouse Grille in South Surrey provides a completely engaging environment for the little ones. The Roadhouse Grille’s Lil’ Roadhouser kids’ menu boasts over 15 food options from breakfast to dinner and always includes milk or juice! Lil’ Roadhousers can enjoy delicious pulled pork sandwiches, perogies, eggs benedicts, and much more all in kid-friendly portions.

Address: 1781 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC

Blaze Pizza

glenchua / Instagram

You would have a very hard time trying to find a kid that didn’t like pizza! What makes Blaze Pizza stand-out from the rest is that your kids get the opportunity to see and control how their pizza is made from start to finish. Featuring an assembly-line pizza making process akin to Subway or Chipotle, your little ones will have a blast getting to make the pizza of their dreams. For you, you can expect to enjoy some of the best artisan oven-fired pizza anywhere in Greater Vancouver.

Address: 2433 161a St, Surrey, BC

Tabletop Crepes and Games

Tabletop Crepes & Games / Facebook

Tabletop Crepes and Games is an absolute gem when it comes to grabbing a sweet treat and having some family fun. Boasting a huge library of board games both new and classic, you and your kids can play a game you already love, or try out a new game that grabs your interest. Whether you’re feeling Monopoly, Apples to Apples, or Exploding Kittens, there’s a game for everybody! Don’t forget about Tabletop’s crepes, shakes, and more fun foods that the kids will love.

Address: 1369 Johnston Rd, White Rock

White Spot

whitespot_restaurants / Instagram

The White Spot Pirate Pak is almost a British Columbian icon, and it shows how much White Spot caters towards kids. This is the White Spot Kids Menu’s unique way of presenting their legendary burgers, and kids absolutely love it! Here, it’s okay for your kids to play with their food a little.  Furthermore, the kids menu is not limited to just burgers, but hosting kid favourites such as Mac n’ Cheese, Dippin’ Chicken, and more. Every kids menu item also comes with a free dessert as well.

Morgan Crossing Address: 15877 Croydon Dr, Surrey, BC

Semiahmoo Shopping Centre Address: 1681 152 St, Surrey, BC

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