Can’t Miss Parks in White Rock and South Surrey – The South Rock Park Adventure (Pt. 1)

Can’t Miss Parks in White Rock and South Surrey – The South Rock Park Adventure (Pt. 1)

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We get it- we all need a little bit of a vacation sometimes. However, we also know that sometimes work schedules don’t line up, budgets are too tight, or that it just takes too much time and effort to plan one. Sound familiar? Then we encourage you to be a tourist in your own city, to start appreciating what you might not see every day. But we’re not talking about the White Rock promenade here. This is the South Rock Park Adventure.

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With over 75 different parks to visit, South Surrey and White Rock have no shortage of beautiful and diverse parks. From kids’ playgrounds, to beautifully landscaped garden parks, to forest staircases that lead out to the Pacific Ocean, there’s definitely something for everybody. Luckily for you, all of these parks are within reach, no longer than an hour’s drive away from each other. That’s why we’ve partnered with Murray Hyundai White Rock to bring you six must-visit parks that also conveniently showcase a gorgeous and scenic drive. Although this is mainly about the destination, who says the journey can’t be just as good?

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Locations of the South Rock Park Adventure

1. Peace Arch Park

The Iconic Peace Arch

Address: Arch Border, Highway 99

What better way to start off your day than at the famous Peace Arch Park, which sits right on the border between Canada the USA. You probably know this park as the home of the Peace Arch, a giant Classical Revival era structure erected in 1921 to symbolize the two countries’ longstanding peace. As the shining example of the strong relationship between the two countries, you’ll always find Peace Arch Park beautifully maintained. Just remember to bring some identification as you are on the American border!

Now, turn north onto highway 99 to start heading towards…

2. Darts Garden Hill Park

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Address: 16th Avenue and 170th Street, Surrey, BC

A South Surrey gem, Darts Hill Garden Park provides some outstanding displays of flowers, shrubbery, and more. This is the result of over 70 years of work that was guided by Francisca Darts, the founder of the garden park. This 7.5+ acres site is home to one of the Pacific Northwest’s most diverse collection of plant species. Darts Hill really is a place that you must visit to truely appreciate. The park is only open to the public on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so make sure you plan accordingly!

From here, you can either drive down 16th Avenue, or scenic Marine Drive to head to the next location which we’ll reveal on our next South Rock Park Adventure story!

Stay tuned for the South Rock Park Adventure (Pt. 2)

If you’re unable to experience these parks any time soon, you can live it out in this video we created that highlights both of these beautiful parks:



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