5 Must-Do Hikes and Trails in South Surrey White Rock

5 Must-Do Hikes and Trails in South Surrey White Rock

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When you think of hiking, the first thing that might come to mind is having to travel to the North Shore or beyond for a good hike. We’re here to dispel the myth surrounding this perception. The South Surrey and White Rock area has a variety of incredible hiking trails, varying in difficulty, length, environment, and more. However, what connects all of them together are the absolutely breathtaking views and memorable experiences that they all offer.

So next time you’re thinking of going on a hike or a nature walk, just remember what we have in our community’s backyard. These are 5 must-do hikes and trails in South Surrey / White Rock.

1001 Steps

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Although not technically 1001 steps, this landmark is still one of the more challenging yet most rewarding hikes that you can do in South Surrey or White Rock. This one is for people who are looking for unparalleled views of the ocean. The 1001 steps is a wooden staircase that takes you down 40m in elevation to a pathway that sits beside the Burlington North rail line. From this pathway, you can travel down 200m to an enclave which fans out onto the beach.

Address: 12500 Block of 15A Avenue, Surrey BC

Time: 30-40 minutes

Elevation: 40m

Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest

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Sitting right in the heart of South Surrey lies Sunnyside Acres, a 130 hectare park and second-growth urban forest. While Sunnyside Acres offers numerous unique trails within its large boundaries, the most popular, and the trail we recommend is the Chickadee loop. This is a multi-kilometre nature walk that spans a large portion of the forest. On this trail you’ll find various different sights and landmarks including Nature’s Archway, native vine maples that arch over the trail in a beautiful manner. Various other trails include the Douglas-Fir Nature Trail, and the Maple Trails. Furthermore, with registration, the Sunnyside Acres Heritage Society hosts educational walks through this park on the first Tuesday of every month.

Address: 2598 – 144 Street, Surrey BC

Time: 30 minutes – 1 hour

Elevation: ~0m

Serpentine Fen

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Acting as the divider between Panorama Ridge and Rosemary Heights, the Serpentine Wildlife Management Area is a 180-hectare natural sanctuary that just so happens to also be surrounded by an absolutely gorgeous 3.5km scenic trail that hugs the Serpentine River and accompanying marshes. Three wooden towers are spread across the park to give avid-bird watchers (or anyone for that matter) a vantage point in order to spot out the many birds that inhabit the reserve. These towers also each give a unique perspective of the river, reserve, and beyond.

Address: 4600 Block of King George Highway, Surrey BC

Time: 1.5-2 hours

Elevation: ~0m

Redwood Park

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Redwood Park is an absolutely dazzling display of exotic trees and home to several nature walks that span over 5 kilometres. These trails take you on a journey through three unique lawns and meadows that host a variety of wildlife that you won’t find anywhere else in Surrey. This includes Siberian Elm, Norway Spruce, and of course, the title Dawn Redwoods. The two trails we highly recommend are both the Family Fun Loop and Adventurer’s Loop, which take you on two naturally beautiful adventures with varying difficulty. Redwood Park also offers all-access trails, playgrounds, and picnic shelters year-round. Don’t forget to catch their one-of-a-kind tree house!

Address: 17900 – 20 Avenue, Surrey BC

Time: 30 minutes – 1 hour

Elevation: ~10m

Blackie Spit Park

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Blackie Spit is one of the most serene, peaceful places in all of the Lower Mainland. Surrounded on three sides by water, you’ll not only find astounding views of Boundary Bay, but of the unique sandy spits that give this park its name. The 5km nature trail takes you all around the perimeter of the park, and allows you to take every sight. Don’t forget to also look out for the wonderful wildlife that inhabits the park as well. This is also the perfect spot to take your dog, as it is officially listed as an off-leash area, with plenty of room for your furry friend to run around.

Address: 3136 McBride Avenue, Surrey, BC

Time: 1.5-2 hours

Elevation: ~0m

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