Top Kids Afterschool Programs For in South Surrey White Rock

White Rock South Surrey Kids Afterschool Programs

Top Kids Afterschool Programs For in South Surrey White Rock

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As students prepare for the upcoming school year, afterschool programs throughout the community have begun to open their doors. Extracurricular activities are a phenomenal way for your child to learn new skills while having fun. Lucky for us, South Surrey and White Rock have a wide variety of afterschool activities tailored to any child’s interests. We know that kids have different preferences and passions, so we’ve gathered a huge list for you to choose from!

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Sports are a great way for your child to make new friends and develop a greater understanding of teamwork. Whether your child is looking to learn a new sport or play competitively, White Rock and South Surrey have a strong community focused on providing an all-encompassing experience.


Soccer South Surrey White Rock Coastal FC Soccer program for kids
Source: Coastal FC via website

Soccer (or football if you prefer) is a sport well-loved by the community. From tots to teens to active adults, the strong soccer community allows children to grow up with this exciting sport. Furthermore, the nearby park amenities provide state-of-the-art fields, like the artificial turf at the South Surrey Athletic Park. Below are a few of our favourite soccer programs:

  • Coastal FC: Coastal FC played an instrumental role in bringing soccer to individuals and has grown to serve over 4000 members over the years. Varying from recreational to high-performance training, Coastal FC does a fantastic job of developing your child’s love for soccer.
  • Surrey United Soccer: Formed in 1968, Surrey United Soccer has developed a strong connection to its players and teams. Whether your child is looking to participate in their community or select teams, you’ll be happy to know that Surrey United Soccer
  • Little Kickers: Little Kickers is a great option for children looking to get an early start in their active lifestyle. Fall registration in South Surrey is now open offering classes for children ages 2 to 5.


WRASA Swimming lessons south surrey white rock afterschool activities
Source: White Rock Amateur Swimming Association via website

Is your child looking to float for the first time or swim competitively? Well, we’ve got the swimming programs for you. These programs paired with our community’s pristine swimming pools, offer children a nice refreshing activity after school.

  • Swim Clo: If your child is learning to swim for the first time, we recommend checking out Swim Clo Aquatics and Fitness for their unique learn-to-swim program. Swim Clo promotes that their programs will allow your child to swim in a quarter of the time.
  • Recreation Surrey: The city of Surrey offers swimming lessons at all of their indoor pools. The newly renovated Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre boasts a state-of-the-art pool for your child. Complete with a slide and spray area, your child will certainly have a fun experience.
  • White Rock Amature Swimming Association: Having been a part of White Rock and South Surrey youth athletics since 1919, the White Rock Amature Swimming Association prides themselves in allowing children to reach their full potential as competitive swimmers.



White Rock Baseball Little League South Surrey
Source: Ward Perrin via Montreal Gazette

White Rock and South Surrey have a strong connection to baseball and softball. From hosting international softball competitions to training athletes who eventually sign to Major League Baseball teams, this community has an affinity for developing top talent.

  • White Rock Tritons Baseball: White Rock Tritons provides high school athletes with a unique opportunity to develop their skills and play competitively. The White Rock Tritons pride themselves in developing high calibre athletes, with several of their alumni signing to play college baseball. Click here to see their Fall Ball schedule.
  • White Rock South Surrey Little League: For younger athletes looking to dive into baseball, fall registration will be opening for those born between the years 2004 to 2007. This is a great opportunity for young athletes looking to get into baseball for the first time, or seasoned players looking to play more games before the spring season.
  • South Surrey White Rock Minor Softball Association: This softball association encourages boys and girls ages 5 – 22 to participate in a fun and active environment. It’s recreational and competitive programs allow for athletes to grow their passion for the sport. Although the season won’t start until this spring, this is a great option for children looking to branch into new sports.



Athelite Basketball White Rock South Surrey Afterschool Programs
Source: Athelite via Facebook

Teach your child to jump, dribble and shoot by enrolling them into one of these amazing basketball programs. This high energy sport is a great way for your child to stay active while growing a love for basketball.

  • Elevate: Elevate is a basketball camp that aims to teach children basketball fundamentals and developing their core values. Tuesday Night Hoops registration is now open and will focus on teaching the fundamentals of dribbling, shooting and much more!
  • Athelite: As one of the leaders in basketball development in BC, Athelite provides youth with an opportunity to grow their skills on an unprecedented level. Hosting several youth leagues, training sessions and managing high-performance travel teams, this is a great program for children looking to take their basketball to the next level.
  • Steve Nash Youth Basketball League: The Steve Nash Youth Basketball Leauge is the perfect choice for children looking to have fun while staying active. This basketball league does not keep track of scores or standings, focusing instead on playing basketball in a recreational setting.


Martial Arts

Martial arts programs for kids in south surrey white rock
Source: Seikido Martial Arts Federation of Canada via Facebook

Martial arts come in many different forms. With each fighting style posing a unique learning opportunity for your child. Keeping safety at the forefront of their teaching methods, these programs develop children’s respect, discipline, strength and much more.

  • White Rock Judo Club: The White Rock Judo Club is committed to teaching boys and girls of all ages the impressive Japanese fighting style, Judo. Their experienced instructors paired with their unbeatable prices, make White Rock Judo Club a great option for your child.
  • Seikido Federation: Seikido is a unique martial arts style created in the 1980s blending the best practices of practical hard and soft martial arts style. Seikido focuses on developing the physical and mental well-being of students by integrating core values into their teachings.
  • Dragon’s Den Martial Arts: Dragon’s Den offers a mixed martial arts program that teaches children self-defence. This award-winning curriculum is designed to build your child’s self-esteem, confidence, self-discipline, leadership skills, and overall health, wrapped in a fun package.


Art is a significant priority for the White Rock and South Surrey community. The community shows this through the number of afterschool programs dedicated to developing children’s appreciation for arts.


Dance schools in white rock south surrey for children
Source: Spiral Dance via website

South Surrey and White Rock offer numerous dance classes across multiple disciplines. Ranging from ballet to jazz to hip-hop, your child is guaranteed to find the dance style that suits them.

  • Spiral Dance: If your child is looking to learn a variety of dance styles, Spiral Dance is the place to be. Offering ballet, acro, hip-hop, tap and many other dance lessons, your child will have options to spare at Spiral Dance.
  • Arthur Murray: Fan of Dancing With the Stars? Arthur Murray is a great option if your child is looking to jump into the world of ballroom dancing. Popular dances that can be covered include the Waltz, Foxtrot, Salsa and more!
  • Mi-Cher Dance Academy: Mi-Cher Dance Academy is focused on providing modern and ballet classes to beginners and advanced dancers alike.
  • XBA School of Dance:  XBA School Dance students are cross-trained as athletes, developing their core, strength, flexibility and endurance alongside their dancing abilities. In addition, XBA emphasizes creative participation among their students.


Music Lessons White Rock and South Surrey piano
Source: Semiahmoo Academy of Music via website

Whether your child wants to play new songs or become the next Beethoven, music lessons are a great starting point. To help your child find the perfect instructor, here are a few of the best music schools in the community.

  • Nuvo Music School: These days, children can be quite busy, often participating in several extracurriculars throughout the week. To accommodate busy schedules, Nuvo provides in-home music lessons to their students, with programs ranging from piano to DJ classes.
  • Tapestry Music: With over 400 students visiting Tapestry Music each week, this music school continues to provide impeccable classes. In addition to their other music lessons, Tapestry is perfect for those looking to play woodwind or brass instruments. 
  • Semiahmoo Academy of Music: Semiahmoo Academy of Music prides themselves in offering the highest standard of excellence in music education. Their experienced educators help students prep for music concerts or festivals, RCM tests and much more! Furthermore, their preschool classes are perfect for musically inclined children looking to learn early on.



Drama Classes for kids in white rock south surrey musical theatre activities
Source: Smash Theatre via Facebook

If your child is looking to jump into the art of storytelling, there some fantastic drama programs available to them.  Whether your child is looking to make it on the silver screen or Broadway, these programs offer a fantastic foundation to start from.

  • The Drama Class: Offering classes on improv, play performance and audition prep, The Drama Class is a great option for those looking to jump into a breadth of topics. Additional flexibility is provided for students looking to sign up for weekly classes or one-day workshops.
  • Smash Theatre School: Smash Theatre School teaches children of all the different aspects of musical theatre. Smash focuses on fostering a supportive environment, encouraging children to express themselves creatively. Children will also work together to present a full-length musical production at the end of the program.


Visual Art

Visual Arts Afterschool Activities for children in south surrey white rock
Source: Semiahmoo Arts Society via Facebook

The White Rock and South Surrey community understands the importance of visual art. Visual arts is a fantastic way for your child to express their creativity and develop their skills in the process.

  • Semiahmoo Arts Society: With classes offered to both tots and teens, Semiahmoo Arts Society highlights that art can be appreciated by all ages. These classes will allow students to explore 2D art, pottery, textile crafts and complete full projects of their own.
  • 4Cats: 4Cats offers unique programs designed to teach your children about art in an exciting way. Apart from hosting mixed media, drawing and painting classes, 4Cats also hosts themed classes like their Mystical, Magical, Mythical Creatures course.


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