Battle of the Best Pizza in White Rock

Battle of the Best Pizza in White Rock

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With back to school blues kicking in, sometimes the best way to counteract that melancholy mood is to treat yourself. And what better way to treat yourself than with a good, old-fashioned slice of pizza? That gooey cheese, the softness of the baked-to-perfection bread, and the crunch of delectable crust to top off those final bites… it’s the perfect remedy to give you some positivity as September rolls around. And to make your life a little easier, we’ve conjured up a list of what we believe to be the top 5 best pizza places in White Rock. Above all, with this knowledge we hope your outlook on life can stay nice and sunshine-y despite the autumn rains to come.

Emilio Finatti Sicilian Pizzeria

First off, you can’t go wrong with the one and only, Emilio Finatti. Known for the best pizza in White Rock, you won’t be let down by their “wonderfully crisp and flavourful thin crust”. With its vast menu, anyone in the family will be more than satisfied. From the God Father – a masterpiece of flavours, to Very Veggie – a delicious option for our vegetarian friends, all the way to the Hot Sicilian – prepare yourself for a very hot experience, Emilio Finatti has what you’re looking for!

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@emiliofinatti / instagram

Address: 15223 Pacific Ave #5

Up Town Pizza

Up Town Pizza is another White Rock must. Not only does Up Town provide great deals, but it ensures a fantastic experience through its delicious food, friendly staff, and great location. Between its Hawaiian Supreme (yes – pineapple can go on pizza!), Greek Special, and Philly Steak Pizza, Up Town’s menu covers a lot of ground. Wherever you’re from, you are guaranteed to fit in at Up Town.

Up Town Pizza

Address: 15150 North Bluff Road

Damianos Pizza

In the nature of multiculturalism, we introduce to you: Damianos. Damianos is the spot for those with an interest in Greek-themed cuisine. Here, you can expect a flavourful range of diversified, specialty pizzas. Sure to have you coming back for more, Damianos follows a “bigger is better” menu mantra. Specifically, Damianos provides 19 unique and delicious options – with 3 additional, exciting flavours to be released soon!

damianos pizza
@damianospizza / instagram

Address: 1191 Johnston Road

Bucky’s West Coast Pizza

Bucky’s West Coast Pizza is another White Rock favourite. It guarantees its customers “the best pizza on the west coast”. This family-oriented restaurant provides a vast array of delicious, hand-tossed Italian pizzas which can be traditional, multigrain, thin crust, or even gluten free! “Loaded with toppings”, Bucky’s is sure to satisfy all of your wildest pizza fantasies.

Bucky's Pizza
@everywhereauthentic / instagram

Address: B1 15562 24th Avenue

Ocean Park Pizza & Village Pub

And last but definitely not least, we give you: Ocean Park Pizza. Ocean Park’s incredible atmosphere and superior home cooking give customers the chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy their food for what it is – tasty. Since 1978, Ocean Park has guaranteed “delicious food at reasonable prices”. If you’re a BC Lions Fan, a pizza fan, or both, visiting this spot is a must!

@donnaleebugden / instagram

Address: 12822 16 Avenue

Clearly, White Rock has no shortage of za. But if you want quality, we highly recommend checking out some of these sensational sites!

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