Relaxation Tips for White Rockers

Relaxation Tips for White Rockers

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We all know how stressful September can be. The end of summer and the coming of fall. School, deadlines, new classes or back-to-work. It can be tough to adjust back to that quick-paced lifestyle after two months of sunshine. And while we are sure that you are more than capable of handling these obstacles, we wanted to take a little pressure off! Thus, we’ve devised a list of relaxation tips and tricks to do right here in White Rock. This wide range of activities is sure to give you a sigh of relief and ease the pain of the September strain.

Try out yoga.

Our first relaxation recommendation is the sweet relief of yoga. What better way to relax than with some Zen music, peaceful stretching, and good vibes? Yoga is scientifically proven to encourage relaxation and reduce stress through breathing practices, poses, and meditation and mindfulness. So go sweat out that unwanted stress at Nourish Hot Yoga White Rock, the best place to “enhance your well-being and peace of mind”. Offering a variety of classes, Nourish Hot Yoga has 5 different classes to cater to the many different types of yogis.

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Address: 200-1326 Johnston Road

Drink some wine.

If exercise isn’t your thing, that’s okay! We have another great alternative to calm the craziness. After a long day at work, one can never go wrong with a glass of wine! Bin 101 Wine and Tapas Bar is the perfect place to kick back, relax, and enjoy a much-needed glass of Merlot. With “one of the largest wine selections in White Rock”, Bin 101 is a great local spot to share a bottle of Italian red or Australian white. Not to mention, Bin 101 also offers fresh food features that change daily, and live music on Fridays and Saturdays.

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Address: 1436 Johnston Road

Spa day.

If you truly want to relax, why not treat yourself to a spa day? Check out White Rock’s very own Sensa Float Spa, a “natural, non-invasive health and wellness alternative for those in need of relaxation, pain relief… or for those looking to enjoy sensory deprivation”. At Sensa, you can choose from a variety of relaxation techniques, such as float tanks, massages, nap pods, and more! A trip to Sensa is the perfect way to chill out and settle those nerves. You deserve it, White Rock!

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Address: 101A – 1440 George Street

Become one with nature.

Sometimes, the perfect way to ground yourself is to feel small. And often, the best way to do that is to get out of the city, and into God’s gift to man: Mother Nature. Lucky for you, White Rock is home to some of the best places in the world. Here, you can find peaceful parks, beautiful forests, and relaxing beaches. When you surround yourself with trees that are hundreds of years old, when you find silence in the middle of nowhere, or when you feel the salty, ocean breeze tickle the back of your neck, we guarantee some of those stressful tasks that are piling up will feel a little less significant. Be sure to check out some of our past blogs linked below for some great nature spots in White Rock.

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Musical enlightenment.

Our last (but not least) go-to relaxation tip is to enlighten your life with a little music. Whether you prefer classical, hip-hop, rock, or jazz, Blue Frog Studios has it all. Blue Frog is one of the largest commercial recording studio theaters in BC. It provides its audience with “perfect acoustics” and a very unique means of listening to Canada’s best video broadcasts. Listeners are able to sit insanely close to their favourite entertainers, and be immersed in “the best concert sound [they] will ever experience”. There’s nothing quite like music, and if you haven’t tried it as a strategy to tackle stress, now is definitely the time!

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Address: 1328 Johnston Road

We really do care about your well-being, and we truly hope that this list can assist in keeping you sane over the coming months. You’ve got this, White Rock!

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