Best Athletic Fields and Parks in White Rock / South Surrey

South Surrey Athletic Park Field Soccer White Rock South Surrey

Best Athletic Fields and Parks in White Rock / South Surrey

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Autumn is a beautiful time of the year. The leaves turn shades of orange and yellow. The air is crisp and the sky is a piercing blue. Fall is also the time when many sports teams ramp up for a great season ahead. And despite the temperature getting a little colder, there is no doubt about the allure of being active and having outdoor fun during these incomparable months! To ensure that you’re able to take full advantage of the beauty of autumn, we’ve come up with a list of the best, must-visit athletic fields and parks in White Rock and South Surrey.

Sunnyside Park

Sunnyside Park is a vast, 15-acre community park located in South Surrey. It has ample, athletic options just for you. Between its outdoor pool, softball diamonds, tennis courts, and sports fields, one could visit Sunnyside every weekend for a month and never get bored! To top things off, among the Northeast perimeters of Sunnyside, you can find second growth Douglas Fir trees, a truly unparalleled experience!

Sunnyside Park Athletic Fields Surrey South Surrey White Rock

Address: 15455 – 26th Avenue

South Surrey Athletic Park Field 10

If you want athletic variety, be sure to check out one of South Surrey’s best athletic fields: Field 10. This beautiful and enormous park is a great place to play soccer, football, baseball, or volleyball. On top of that, Field 10 offers an exciting playground and water park, so your kids are sure to have fun for hours. The park also provides multiple pathways and walking loops, so if you’re a jogger you are in for a treat!

South Surrey Athletic Park Field Soccer White Rock South Surrey

Address: 14600 – 20th Avenue

Unwin Park

Unwin Park is another great spot to check out if you’ve got the urge for activity. You can hit some baseballs in Unwin’s batting cages, play a round of cricket in the cricket fields, and then cool off in the outdoor pool or water park! Alternatively, if you want to spend some time outside without so much cardio, be sure to check out one of Unwin’s three picnic shelters. Despite its name, a visit to Unwin Park is sure to be a success!

Unwin Park Unwin Water Park White Rock South Surrey Athletic Fields

Address: 13313 – 68th Avenue

White Rock Community Park

Located across the street from White Rock Elementary School is another must-see athletic field: The White Rock Community Park. This park is a staple among the White Rock community. Within its 14-acre area, it features an aquatic splash park, four picnic areas, an open grass area, and several basketball courts. Additionally, make sure to check out this park’s BBQ areas – the perfect, autumn spot for family fun. White Rock Community Park also offers rental of its multiple facilities, so if you’re planning a large gathering, we definitely recommend checking it out!

White Rock Community Park Athletic Fields athletic parks white rock south surrey

Address: 10488 White Rock Road

Centennial Park

Last but not least: Centennial Park! Centennial Park contains a variety of athletic options; from a large grassy soccer field, to a lacrosse box, to tennis courts and a playground. If you like sports, then Centennial is a must visit for you. On top of its athletic action, Centennial Park also offers a beautiful butterfly garden – a lovely sight for adults and kids alike.

Centennial park butterfly garden white rock

Address: 14600 North Bluff Road

Staying active is definitely important, and we hope these awesome, athletic fields and parks give you some motivation to get out there, get sweaty, and have fun!

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