Best Ethnic Cuisine in White Rock / South Surrey

Best Ethnic Cuisine in White Rock / South Surrey

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Multiculturalism is a major trend in this day and age. With the immense value that this brings, the vast array of delectable cuisines is certainly at the forefront. In White Rock and South Surrey, we happen to get the best of it. Where else in the world can you get Dutch pancakes for breakfast, Dim Sum for lunch, and Japanese for dinner? On the West Coast, we’ve got it all. This blog post outlines some of the best ethnic cuisine you can find in White Rock and South Surrey.

Green Lettuce

First of all, you certainly can’t go wrong with Asian food! Green Lettuce is an Indian-Chinese traditional restaurant. With its owners born and raised in India, this establishment is sure to bring those who enter its doors authentic, marvellously-spiced meals. From chili dumplings to seasoned green beans, Green Lettuce believes in “quality and quantity of food [and] excellent service from [a] friendly and multilingual team.”

Leela Thai

In the nature of Asian food, another great option is Leela Thai. Here you can “experience a taste of Thailand through authentic recipes passed down through the generations.” Above all, this is the perfect place to get your ethnic cuisine fix and escape Raincouver for the afternoon! Between flavourful Thai chilies, spicy curries, and coconut-based sauces, Leela Thai provides its customers with an outstanding spread of options.

Pho 777

Next up – another multicultural must. Pho 777 is a family-owned restaurant that serves “authentic Vietnamese cuisine.” Open seven days a week, what better way to warm up and escape the November cold than with a warm bowl of pho?!  Prawn spring-roll appies, pork paté, or classic noodle soup are just some of the many incredible choices you’ll get to choose from at Pho 777. Furthermore, Pho 777 offers a selection alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages!

Baja Cantina

Another must visit is Baja Cantina. In contrast to the aforementioned restaurants, this restaurant moves away from Asian cuisine and towards Mexican! Baja provides cuisine “as diverse as its people.” It has plenty of local, fresh produce that enables Baja Cantina to serve rich and vibrant flavours originating all across Mexico. Baja Cantina strives for sustainability through locally sourced and fresh ingredients.

Afghan Kitchen

Lastly, we recommend you check out Afghan Kitchen. This unique, delicious cuisine offers an elevated and redefined dining experience. Started by a man who grew up in the streets of Kabul, each dish is ingrained with authentic Afghanistan cooking. With “mum’s recipes” at heart, a taste of Afghan Kitchen is sure to transport you to a true Afghan experience. Therefore, this is a must visit. With vegan and gluten-free options available, there is room for everyone here!

Afghan Kitchen

Seems like White Rock has no shortage of ethnic cuisine. Be sure to check out some of these options to give your taste buds a treat!



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