New Year, New Me: A Guide to Healthy Eating in White Rock/South Surrey

New Year, New Me: A Guide to Healthy Eating in White Rock/South Surrey


The end of the year dawns a time for change. As December comes to a close, we welcome 2019 with open arms. January 1st provides a cornerstone for growth and positivity. This New Year, what can you do to improve your lifestyle? Well, why not start with some fun yet healthy eating opportunities. White Rock and South Surrey are the perfect places to explore dining in style; this blog lists some fantastic healthy restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores to cater to the new you

Coffee, coffee, and more coffee…

First of all, to start off your January 1st the right way, curb that New Year’s Eve headache with a cup of delicious coffee! There are some great cafes in White Rock and South Surrey that are not only cozy, but healthy, too!

Healthy Monkey Cafe

If health is really in your 2019 agenda, then we’ve got the perfect spot for you! Come on… “Healthy” is literally in their name! Healthy Monkey Cafe offers a variety of delicious options. From protein smoothies, to gluten-free Monkey Bowls, all the way to delicious burgers, there is an option here for everyone!

Healthy Monkey White Rock South Surrey

Yucca Tree Cafe

Yucca Tree Cafe offers vegetarian-friendly, all day breakfast and is the perfect place to start your day. Its friendly staff paired with its delicious yet healthful cuisine makes it a lovely dining experience! Yucca trees are known for having tough, sword-like leaves… And let us be the ones to tell you that you will have just as tough of a time leaving Yucca Tree Cafe!

Yucca Tree Cafe

Juice Bars are in!

Wild Card Juice

Wild Card is the place to be if you like cold pressed, refreshing juice! This delectable drink provides nourishment and flavour. With options to speed up your metabolism, detoxify, or just enjoy a delicious sip of juice, Wild Card is an awesome start to being healthy and positive in 2019.

Healthy Dining

My Shanti

Not only can you welcome healthy food into 2019, but you can pair that with multicultural cuisine! My Shanti is a reflection of Chef Vikram’s personal experiences throughout India; “an homage to the diversity and richness of Indian cuisine.” Furthermore, Indian food is known for its healthy fibers and veggie-filled dishes. Welcome 2019 with this flavourful treat!

my shanti

Local, Health-conscious Groceries

Country Sun Natural Foods

Healthful cooking is another obstacle we often get stuck on. It begins with where you get your food – and Country Sun Natural Foods is the perfect starting point. Here, you can find grains, spices and herbs, vitamins, and even hand and body products to get a holistic effect of full body health.

Health Express

Another great health food store is Health Express. At Health Express, owners Rick and Wendy have been providing customers with great health advice and products for almost 20 years. The store also offers Biofeedback, a snapshot of your body that allows you to see which supplements will help you improve your health.

Health Express White Rock South Surrey

White Rock and South Surrey possess the means for great things – this 2019, be the best you that you can be!

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