This Month, Get Outside!

This Month, Get Outside!

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We’re over two months into 2019 already, and you know what that means… Spring is fast-approaching – and this is surely reason to celebrate!

With the last of snowfall winding down and the sunshine coming out to play more regularly, what can you do to take advantage of the outdoors? In White Rock, there are plenty of fabulous activities to get busy with over the next couple of months, and this blog post outlines some of the exciting options for you to explore.

Have a blast at Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach is a haven of a community in South Surrey. With pier views that will make you go “Oooh” to nature trails that will make you go “Aaah,” Crescent Beach has several access points for you to check out. Start with Beecher Street or Target Street, and then make your way over to Sullivan Street where you’ll find people playing beach volleyball in the warmer seasons. And hey, even though it’s a bit too cold outside for beach sports, that doesn’t make the beach any less beautiful. There’s truly nothing like the smell of an ocean breeze and the chilled, salty wind on the back of your neck.

Take a hike along 1001 Steps

If you’re already considering a beach visit, why not add some fitness to that journey? 1001 Steps can be found at the most western point of 15A Avenue. While there may not be exactly 1001 steps, there are certainly a lot to get through, so grab a Clif Bar and stock up on water! This beautiful and challenging outdoor staircase brings you through 40 meters of elevation. What’s more? About 200 meters into the trail, you’ll come across an underpass with beach access. 1001 Steps entails a good workout, a beautiful sea view, and the chance to see ocean wildlife.

Snap a creative picture at the notorious Great White Rock

White Rock is loved by locals and tourists alike. And, of course, it was named after the one and only, Great White Rock, located on the shores of Semiahmoo Bay. This famous rock has been there for thousands of years, and was a probable result of a breakaway piece of glacier. If you’re proud of your home, then why not celebrate the Great White Rock, get outside, and snap a picture with you and your family? We at Experience White Rock would love to see what you come up with!

Go for a stroll down Marine Drive

Another White Rock classic is Marine Drive. This infamous street offers a variety of fabulous restaurants, such as Le Vol Au Vent, Washington Avenue Grill, and FIVE. Additionally, be sure to check out the unique and unforgettable likes of stores such as Whitby’s Books and Gifts or Bella’s Miracle Shop!

With sunshine on the horizon, we hope this blog post can motivate you to get outside and get some Vitamin D!

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