It’s Sushi Time!

It’s Sushi Time!

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We live in a time where we get to explore all sorts of cultures. From religion, to dress, all the way to cuisine, we are quite fortunate to have such an array of opportunities! From Japan alone, we’ve been exposed to some fantastic food. You know what we’re talking about… Sushi!

If you’re from the Lower Mainland, it’s likely that sushi has become a big part of your life. Delicious rolls, mouth-watering noodles, and the life-changing flavour of teriyaki – need we say anymore?

This month, explore your sushi options! White Rock and South Surrey offer an abundance of sushi places, and it’s time to decide which is your go-to spot. This blog delves into some of the many fabulous options… Be sure to check out a couple before picking your favourite!

Taka’s Sushi

To get the ball rolling, let’s begin with a White Rock favourite: Taka’s Sushi. Taka’s is known for having the freshest sushi in town. From fan favourite edamame and miso, to the classic Japanese cuisine, MonkFish Liver Pate, Taka is sure to have you taste buds in heaven. What’s more? Taka offers an abundance of party trays, which you can now alter with “your own creativity and imagination.”

Kappa Japanese Restaurant

Having been in successful operation for over 30 years, Kappa Japanese Restaurant welcomes anyone and everyone to “enjoy delicious, authentic Japanese food.” If you love great quality sushi with delectable flavours, this is the place for you. In fact, Kappa was named after Japanese water sprites, which are mystical creatures that love to eat. If you can relate to that, we definitely recommend adding Kappa Japanese Restaurant to your sushi bucket list.

Sapporo Kitchen

Sapporo Kitchen is another fan favourite. With an “exclusive selection of fusion Japanese cuisine,” Sapporo guarantees healthy and fresh ingredients. It uses special cooking techniques which include varying types of salts and bamboo trunks. What’s more? If you feel like staying in, order from Sapporo through Skip the Dishes!

MaguroGuy Asian Cuisine

Another great, authentic option to check out is MaguroGuy Asian Cuisine. This unique spot offers the likes of Fresh Oyster, Tofu Salad, and Spicy Tuna Tataki. Located in South Surrey, this casual dining spot is the perfect place to experiment with what kind of Japanese food you like!

Kyou Sushi

Last but certainly not least, we present: Kyou Sushi. Located near the beach in White Rock, Kyou Sushi strives to “rock n’ roll” its customers and “serve… the freshest ocean offerings.” With house specials like Toro Carpaccio, Lobster Ceviche, and Saba Tataki, there is something delicious for everyone at Kyou!

Let’s be honest here, there’s not much that beats sushi. Be sure to put your taste buds to the test, and try out the incredible selection that White Rock and South Surrey has to offer!

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