Best Burger Bars in White Rock

Best Burger Bars in White Rock

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The sun is shining, the air is warm, the world is smiling! And what’s the best way to enjoy a good day? With a burger, of course! Lucky for you, White Rock offers an abundance of fabulous burger joints. This blog post will highlight some of the great options for you to check out!

The Wooden Spoon

First up, The Wooden Spoon is a “hip brunch and bistro with character.” This fan-favourite is located in the heart of uptown White Rock, and its burger selections are truly to-die-for. From the Cajun Chicken Burger to the Spoon Burger, your options are vast and fantastic!

Uli’s Restaurant

Next up, we present you: Uli’s Restaurant. Featured several times in our stories, Uli’s is a staple on the White Rock strip, and has been for over 30 years. This restaurant has an “eclectic Euro-inspired menu” and provides an array of burger selections. From the Uli’s Burger to the Veggie option, there’s something for everyone here!

Rock City Burgers & Bar

Finally, Rock City Burgers & Bar is a burger joint for the ages. This is “the place to be in White Rock” and the spot to go to for a great burger. In addition to fabulous burger selections, Rock City Burgers also has Karaoke on Tuesdays! A guaranteed good time.

With all this sunshine, it’s hard to believe that a better mood is possible. Lucky for you, with a visit to one of these fine establishments, your mood will reach all-time heights!

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