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Lepik Design is an innovative and client-focused interior design firm specializing in unique residential and commercial spaces.

Lepik Design combines your needs and imagination with our experience to realize high functionality, beauty, and simplicity, all in a space that works for you, your family or your business.

Our Process:

Phase I – Consultation & Programming

The objective of Phase I is to evaluate client need, timeline and project constraints.  Initial site visit and needs assessment with a client is followed by a full proposal/draft contract.

Phase II – Conceptual Design

The objective of Phase II is to achieve an overall concept for the spaces listed above.  The conceptual design will be a collection of draft sketches, material samples, and feature design images.

Phase III – Schematic design

Phase III applies all of the approved, preliminary design concepts to the project, through space planning, line drawings, and initial sketches.

Phase IV – Contract Documentation

This phase is the fundamental extension of all Schematic Design work, where interior design documents and specifications are prepared for full understanding and implementation of the project.  These plans are intended to be used by the client and contractor for literal design intent, fixture locations, and non-structural layout.  Lepik Design will work closely with the client and contractor to review all interior quotes.

Phase V – Contract Administration, Inspection & Verification

This phase ensures that designs are being executed and implemented as the documentation indicates.  Activities in this phase will primarily take place at the client’s request and will include periodic site visits.
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