Live Yoga

Health & Fitness Recreation

Live Yoga is a multi-style studio in the heart of White Rock.  A part of the White Rock community for 12 years, run by two passionate owners, Live Yoga is proud to offer the highest quality instructions in a friendly and encouraging environment. With a strong community focus, exceptional teachers, a diverse class schedule and a passion for offering yoga for everyone, they are thrilled to be known as the #1 yoga studio in White Rock and South Surrey.

As a student at Live Yoga, you can expect to learn how to practice yoga and Pilates efficiently with a focus on safety and alignment specific to your needs and abilities.  They emphasize the importance of balancing strength, stability, and effort with mobility, flexibility, and relaxation. Offering extensive individual support, Live Yoga helps students learn to develop strength and stability while allowing for a deeper understanding of their body

Live Yoga is a true community of practitioners investigating physical postures and movement as well as meditation and relaxation.

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