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Sylvia McLaren-Tishler, THE OPTI COACH brings over 40 years of experience in team building, sales, employee engagement, management training and talent acquisition to her speaking and coaching practice.

THE OPTI COACH is a coaching and professional development business providing one-on-one coaching, workshops, and business consulting. THE OPTI COACH gives you a new perspective and is here to help you become your optimum self.

From optician, store owner, sales trainer and a luxury sales representative, Sylvia has met all the challenges of being an entrepreneur and a successful businesswoman.

As a speaker and business coach, Sylvia helps entrepreneurs, freelancers and small to medium-sized businesses in building purpose-driven and profitable professional success.

Combining her business acumen and education, Sylvia’s proven track record of making the perfect match between career professionals and top-tier clients and brands, understands the business challenges you face, as well as what your ideal clients need to see, hear, and experience to say “yes”. Through her one-on-one coaching, team coaching and courses, Sylvia will help you gain clarity and confidence around what makes you stand out in the marketplace, position yourself to get the clients you want and create a path for you to be successful in your chosen career.

Certified as an adult education instructor, Sylvia has curated many executive professional development in-person and webinar courses and workshops, for sole entrepreneurs and organizations. Her courses are popular with the business community including professional accountants, engineers, and organizations in the optical industry.

Sylvia is a vibrant, exciting, perfect role model embodying the social and business skills that she instructs. Receiving top sales awards for years of selling luxury brands, Sylvia shares her expertise and skills in public speaking, powerful presentations, collaborative sales language, the art of closing sales, negotiations and overcoming objections with her course participants to build strong business relationships.

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